Backpacking: Are You Doing it Right?

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Backpackers: thrifty, curious and ready to eat any free food. Four years ago I was a backpacker, galavanting around Australia with no real schedule or set plans. ‘Going with the flow’ was always my thing. Stress and worry never seemed to be predominant emotions … Continued

It’s A Small World After All…

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TO begin this post, I want to briefly introduce myself. My name is Jennifer, I’m 27 years old and originally from Dundas, Ontario, Canada. I came to Australia, like most young people, on a 1 year Working Holiday Visa. Four years … Continued

64 Person MTB Tour? No Worries, Mate!

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Many studies have found that physical activity is linked to academic success; financial advisor group, Synchron, are firm believers of this. Instead of being stuck in air-conditioned rooms all day, Synchron acted upon the fact that physical activity would help … Continued

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