The Alice Springs Mountain Bike Trails Network includes 28 kilometres of professionally, hand-made single track. Tracks range from flowy to technical and are marked on sign posts throughout the trails.

A hard copy of the below map is available from Outback Cycling Central (6/63 Todd Street, Todd Mall, Alice Springs) and The Alice Springs Telegraph Station.

Alice Springs MTB Trail Network Outback Cycling Map

Tips for the Tracks

If you are wanting to explore single-track not featured on the above map, we encourage you to arrange a mountain bike tour with one of our local guides who are very experienced and knowledgable with the unmarked trails. To see some of out Mountain Bike Tour videos, click here.

The Australian Outback terrain can be quite harsh and we advice speaking to staff before choosing to set off on a mountain bike ride. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen and a charged mobile phone (though some spots lose mobile reception).

All of Outback Cycling’s bikes have slimed tubes. If you are riding your own bike we encourage sliming your tubes to minimise chances of thorn punctures. If you have slimed tubes and still receive a puncture, keep cycling and ensure your tyre keeps spinning. This will help reseal the punctured tube with the slime. DO NOT pull out the thorn, as this will cause the tyre to go flat. Carrying a spare tube, pump and multitool is also practice when riding in such rough terrain.

Alice Springs MTB Trails Network Outback Cycling
Alice Springs MTB Trails Network