Simpsons Gap Bicycle Path
Simpsons Gap Bicycle Path.

The scenic Simpsons Gap Bike path winds its way along the foothills of the majestic West MacDonnell Ranges.

This sealed winding bike path extends for 17km, starting at Flynn’s Grave (7km from Alice Springs CBD) through the scrub, flora and fauna to the entrance of the Simpson’s Gap picnic area and walk. The path is set inside the West MacDonnell National Park, in which you can see, hear, breathe and smell the rawness of Central Australia. Riding a bike on this path gives you a close up encounter with the unique habitat and wide open space. This is also a great opportunity to see some Cental Australian wildlife in its natural environment.

Riding from our Outback Cycling Central location at 6/63 Todd Street, Todd Mall, the trip to Simpson’s Gap via this path is a 44km roundtrip.

Riding from our Trail Station Wifi Cafe at The Alice Springs Telegraph Station, the trip to Simpson’s Gap via this path is a 52km round trip. Make sure you fuel up with water and any bike accessories you may need at the Trail Station Wifi CafĂ© before setting out on this epic ride. We also serve locally roasted barista coffee, home made delights (including our infamous vanilla slice) and cold drinks.

For a smooth ride and maximum enjoyment, we recommend hiring a premium or ultimate bike.

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